15 Exclusively Vegan Clothing Brands for Animal Lovers to Shop Today

The vegan lifestyle has been taking over in not only the food industry, but has been developed into a fashionable way of life. 

Clothing designers have figured out the wonderful possibilities and creations they can make with simple recycled bottles, cork, wood, industrial waste, rubber and other materials. These materials are much more environmentally safer and also do not cause harm to anyone and anything - Unlike a well-known material, leather.

According to PETA, "Most leather comes from cows killed for beef and milk, so it’s a co-product of the meat and dairy industries. Leather is the worst material for the environment, too, as it not only shares responsibility for all the environmental destruction caused by the meat industry but also pollutes the Earth with the toxins used in the tanning process". 

This vegan fashion uprising has and will continue to inspire designers.

During research, it has been made clear that many brands who have adopted this cruelty free outlook, only carry a certain line. While offering a few select options, these retailers aren't completely vegan. This means selecting 100% vegan clothing could be difficult, misleading, and confusing.

Fortunately, there has been an increase in cruelty free conscious designers, allowing for an increase in vegan fashion products on the market.

Below is a list of 15 clothing brands that offer a 100% vegan selection of clothing and products.

1. Petit Vour. An award-winning vegan beauty box and boutique, curated for the modern ethical woman.
2. James&Co. Ethical Vegan Outerwear and Accessories.
3. WAWWA x. An independent sustainable fashion brand, making vegan clothing.
4. da quy. Vegan style.
5. Harper + Lange. 100% cruelty-free women’s boho clothing
6. VAUTE. Stylish and warm outerwear, dresses, shirts, and jewelry. Visit the flagship store in Brooklyn at 234 Grand Street (& Driggs)
7. Brave GentleMan. NYC-based all-vegan attire, shoes, accessories, and custom suits
8. Mammouth Outerwear Functional, stylish vegan parkas and bombers
9. NOHARM. Offering vegan shoes, boots, accessories, and clothing
10. Lookie Lou. An online vegan boutique that carries a carefully curated collection of ethically produced women’s apparel and accessories
11. Delikate Rayne Cruelty-free women’s contemporary luxury
12. Bead and Reel A vegan owned online boutique carrying over 40 ethical designers
13. Saved Kisses Soft, comfortable, cruelty-free and sustainable clothing line
14. The Dharma Store  Vegan inspired apparel and accessories
15. MioMojo Cruelty-free Italian fashion
No animal deserves to die and be worn in the name of fashion. Think vegan!
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